Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities, Inc. A Voice of People with Disabilities in Manitoba
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The MLPD is a united voice of people with disabilities, and their supporters, that promotes equal rights, full participation in society, and facilitates postive change through advocacy and public education.


The MLPD is a membership-based organization representing the concerns of people with all types of disabilities in Manitoba.

Since its establishment in 1974, the MLPD has developed expertise on numerous issues affecting the lives of people with disabilities. A few such issues are accessibility, education, employment, housing, income security, support services, and transportation.

The MLPD supports Manitobans with disabilities with social policy research and consultation, public education programs, information and referral services, and class advocacy.


  • Manitobans with disabilities have the same rights and responsibilities as any other person.
  • All persons, regardless of abilities, must have access to opportunities in order to exercise these rights.


Accessibility: MLPD members work to remove barriers which prevent people with disabilities from entering and using public buildings and services.

Education: MLPD members work to ensure that students with disabilities have access to education opportunities in regular public schools.

Employment: MLPD members work to provide effective employment policies and programs for people with disabilities.

Support Services: MLPD members work to improve Manitoba's Home Care System so that people with disabilities can live in the community.

Transportation: MLPD members work to guarantee that people with disabilities have access to transportation services.


The MLPD is a member of the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD). Through CCD, the MLPD has connection to Disabled Peoples' International (DPI).


The MLPD is open to any individual who supports the philosophy and mandate of the organization. MLPD members are entitled to vote at general meetings, run for election to Provincial Council, participate on committees, and receive the MLPD's newsletter.

The membership fee is $5.00 for individuals. Family and group memberships are also available for reduced rates. Please send us your name, address, postal code, and telephone number along with you registration fee to the address at the top of the page.


Joelle Moon is offering an introductory natural skin care kit for $25 (retail value $46). $5 from each sale goes to the MLPD.

Visit our Support Us page for details, or go to for ordering information.


Closing the Gap, Disability Rights Pendant

Hilary Druxman, a Winnipeg designer, has created the “Closing the Gap” disability rights pendant for the MLPD and the DisAbled Women’s Network (DAWN) Manitoba as a fundraising tool.

“This simple, but meaningful pendant represents closing the gap of understanding between people with disabilities and the non-disabled world,” said Diane Driedger, MLPD’s Provincial Coordinator. The pendants are $35.00 and available at the MLPD office or online at


  • April D'Aubin
  • Kristian Hooker
  • Justine Kiwanuka
  • David Kron
  • Allen Mankewich
  • Zephania Matanga
  • Danielle Otto
  • Carlos Sosa
  • Mindy Tucker
  • Valerie Wolbert


  • The MLPD was actively involved in the development of the City of Winnipeg's Handi-Transit service.
  • The MLPD was key organization in the development of Manitoba's Self-Managed Attendant Care Program.
  • The MLPD was successful in advocating for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Manitoba Human Rights Code.
  • The MLPD has founded two agencies which assist people with disabilities accomplish employment goals.
  • The MLPD has actively pushed policies which enable children with disabilities to attend regular public schools.
  • The MLPD worked with the government of Manitoba to develop a rural transportation program to meet the needs of people with disabilities in small communities.
  • The MLPD has lobbied to make public buildings accessible to people with all types of disabilities.
  • The MLPD was the primary organization to lobby for the first provincial Minister Responsible for Persons with Disabilities in Canada. Minister Tim Sale was appointed in 2001.


  • The MLPD has published reports on a variety of issues including advocacy techniques, guidelines to meet the accessibility needs of visually impaired people, policies on inclusion in mainstream schools, employment issues concerning Manitobans with disabilities, and concerns of senior citizens with disabilities.
  • The MLPD produces a quarterly newsletter entitled "Update" as well as an annual activity report.

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